Static Apps meetup - Show and Tell #1

We had a Static Apps "Show and Tell" meetup yesterday in Geneva. We were 6 people sharing a drink, our experiences with web projects, and ideas.

A recap of what was discussed:

  • How the way developers and project owners are doing things is changing, with all the technologies, the challenge of managing complexity, collaboration between the actors of a project implementation, etc.

  • Understanding the idea of static apps: You don't have a database per se. But you can interact with live data on the web, with JavaScript, using embeds, service APIs, and/or a JSON store. So you are not doing less than conventional dynamic database-driven or CMS-based sites. You are just doing different.

  • A demo showing how you generate a site with Jekyll and maintain its content.

  • Markdown, a plain text markup for writing for the web and beyond. The syntax is documented here, but you can find many howtos and help resources on the web.

  • Yeoman, a general tool and development workflow for any type of app, framework or development stack. You can check the list of generators the Yeoman community provides here.

We agreed to have another meetup on this format next month. Thanks for everyone's participation.

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