Static Apps meetup - September 2014

A small group in Geneva started with the Static Web Apps meetup-training I am organizing. The 1st module took place on friday, september 19.

A recap of what was discussed and learned:

  • High level view of the strategy, trends, and current technology landscape. See

  • Serge Renfer quickly talked about his experience playing with Web Components. He is actually introducing this stuff to the students in the high school where he teaches Computer Science (in addition to Geography).

  • Everyone is interested by these new ways as an alternative to the one-size-fits-all CMS solution, and for applications such as Landing Pages.

  • Installing Jekyll. Needs Ruby installed on the machine. Also Rubygems and some development libraries. Didier Roux installed it on Windows, following this guide.

  • Creating a new site using the scaffold is easy: Run the command "jekyll new mysite"

  • Visual customization and content editing/publishing is possible using supported languages (Markdown, HTML, CSS, etc.)

  • For templates / HTML preprocessor (augmenting your HTML with presentation logic), by default, use Liquid. Interesting alternatives are Jade and EJS (... or HAML, Slim...), but you need to add their support to Jekyll via the right plugin.

  • Important: Plugins are restricted on the GitHub Pages platform, so you should add most plugins only if you plan to host the site on other hosting services or self-host.

  • Assets / CSS: Jekyll supports Sass/SCSS. See and

Thanks for everyone's participation.
And a big thank you to SHM Research for hosting the meetup and providing us with coffee :-).

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