Business Process Management With LogicGate

I have been investigating enterprise business solutions recently, specially those providing a nice user experience while allowing a developer to create extensions or do integration with other systems via an API. One such interesting application I found is LogicGate.

What it is and what it does

LogicGate is a "Software as a Service" process management solution that allows users to help their company manage people, activities or tasks, activity roles, and all the involved processes for their projects and business goals.

Here is an extract from the creators' pitch I found:

"... LogicGate enables you to take control of your risk and compliance operations by using a drag and drop interface to define the steps and logic necessary for your business. Most importantly, LogicGate provides transparency, auditability, and serves as a centralized repository to streamline work across all levels of your organization, where excel and e-mails fall short."

They started developing LogicGate using their prior experiences helping high profile companies build systems to understand, track and take action on their risks, or manage compliance with regulations, directives, rules, and standards.

Today, they address several other domains such as Legal, and the product can be used for general business process management.

Use an application template or build your own application

Managers can build a custom application for their specific context. But in most cases, they would get started using one of the provided application templates.

Built-in templates provide a starting point for managing processes and activities related to:

  • Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance,
  • Operations, including incident management and IT help desk management,
  • Legal such as audit management and investigation management.

Via the provided dashboard, the manager can visually design the process, adding and changing the steps and transitions or routes as needed, creating input forms to capture data at these steps, and setting rules where needed to automate the process.

Interesting things to note

  • It is a complete business management system with advanced features such as reporting, email notifications, and deadline-driven request management.

  • Data export facility: When needed, you create a custom layout view of the data you need to extract and you can download that dataset to a CSV file.

  • Developers are welcome too: There is a REST API allowing developers to integrate with other systems or build custom applications.


After seeing a demo of LogicGate, I was immediately sold. The product is positioned to save companies, specially those with regulatory compliance needs and critical processes, from loosing money and time every year building and maintaining such solutions themselves. In addition to that, it helps reduce the company's exposure to risk.

It also appears that, as a by-product, the system brings agility, since non-technical staff can contribute to the design and development of processes, with immediate feedback. Once in a while, if needed, a developer can be hired to help on the technical side of things, and that situation is also made easy by the existence of a documented REST API.

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