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Start using a website monitoring service

Monitoring is important these days, to help you improve the response time of your web apps, and give you insights on how they are used. Subscription-based services lower the barrier of entry by not requiring you to install and manage your own monitoring infrastructure. And they are generally free for developers.

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Reboot of my Plone activities

The first months of this year have seen more activities on the Plone front in my realm, and there are signs of a regain of energy for future work and collaborations. Let me share some information here.

How I follow Plone 5 development

The Plone developers have been working hard over the last years to build the next major release of Plone. It's now around the corner, and it's going to shine in CMS land. The first thing I am doing is testing its features for the end user, and since I am impatient, I use the core developers buildout and try to keep up with the development builds.

How to upgrade an old Plone site

I have migrated several sites from Plone 4.1 to Plone 4.3.3 this week. I am in the fortunate position where I help maintain many Plone sites, most of them being more than 6 years old. Fortunate because it helps learn a lot, over the years, on the good and the bad in terms of content management practices.

Why not simplify?

I work on projects using Plone, and I love working with its framework. I just worked an hour for my current project, and once again I enjoyed the fact that I can write stuff in a clean way. I can expose logic or behavior where and how I want it, using interfaces and components mechanisms provided by Zope libraries under the hood. It's got even better now that we have an elegant API.

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Need help for your project?

Our team can contribute to your project, working on a specific task, or doing all the coding based on your specifications, using Python, a web framework such as Django or a CMS.