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Using Github Pages with Jekyll

For this article, I am assuming you already have Jekyll installed, with a project set up on your local machine to generate your static site's HTML files under your build directory of choice.

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Start using a website monitoring service

Monitoring is important these days, to help you improve the response time of your web apps, and give you insights on how they are used. Subscription-based services lower the barrier of entry by not requiring you to install and manage your own monitoring infrastructure. And they are generally free for developers.

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Hosting your static app on Divshot - Part 3

In this series, I tried to give you an idea of using new tools and platforms such as Divshot for static sites hosting. I almost procrastinated, but finally kicked myself to deliver this third part, where I quickly present other cool services Divshot provides to make our hosting tasks easy.

Hosting your static app on Divshot - Part 2

Part 1 of this series introduced static apps deployment using the DivShot hosting service. In this 2nd article, let's see how to go further with automated continuous deployments. The solution I've decided to use for this is Wercker, combined with Github and DivShot. As an alternative to Wercker, one could choose Travis CI, though I've not tested it yet.

Hosting your static app on Divshot - Part 1

Divshot is a specialized hosting service for modern apps, in particular apps developped the static way, and I decided to use it for all my current projects that fit this category. Check out their list of features here.

Getting Jekyll installed on OS X

Here is how I install Jekyll on my Mac, which should be mostly applicable to a Linux box. Jekyll is currently available in version 2.5.2, but I also previously tested this procedure for 2.4.0.

Why not simplify?

I work on projects using Plone, and I love working with its framework. I just worked an hour for my current project, and once again I enjoyed the fact that I can write stuff in a clean way. I can expose logic or behavior where and how I want it, using interfaces and components mechanisms provided by Zope libraries under the hood. It's got even better now that we have an elegant API.

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Simplicity, consistency, and getting out of the way

There are many new methods for deploying web applications in a predictable way, fast, and while having fun. You might forget about system administration, database administion tasks, security updates, etc, if you get used to this.

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Need help for your project?

Our team can contribute to your project, working on a specific task, or doing all the coding based on your specifications, using Python, a web framework such as Django or a CMS.