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Python, Selenium, And ChromeDriver: Automating Web Interactions - Part 2

Let's continue our exploration of possibilities and tricks using Selenium and ChromeDriver via Python. In the 2nd installment of this series, I will touch upon useful techniques to interact with the specific elements you need in the web page or user interface.

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Automating Tasks Using Python For The Lean Entrepreneur

As you may know, many powerful and smart pieces of software are written in Python. Based on that, how I approach things (and my clients too) is: Just leverage these tools!

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Getting Started With HTTPie To Interact With APIs

HTTPie is an HTTP client and an alternative to the famous cURL. Its goal is to make it easy to interact with HTTP servers, using a simple and natural syntax. This post will show how to quickly start using those benefits to test APIs.

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Manage Your Python Virtual Environments With Pyenv

Virtualenv is the tool for creating a Python virtual environment, a folder on your computer system that embarks its own copy of the Python interpreter and the site-packages subfolder where the code for the installed third-party modules is placed.

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Use Multiple Python Versions And Environments With Pyenv

When using different Python-based tools, frameworks or applications, you need to install all the corresponding compatible versions of Python and easily switch between them. Assuming, you are running on Linux, you will enjoy using pyenv. It is one popular tool to manage several versions of Python, and even environments dedicated to projects.

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6 Techniques I Learned To Use While Working More With Python

These last months, I learned more about many Python features and how to write Pythonic code that really uses those features. That happened naturally. I wanted to get better at programming with Python for my projects, and I started watching Pycon talks on a daily basis or reading the documentation and online resources. Also, in current projects, I am mostly using Python 3.

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Command-line interface tools for productive work

Working on a Mac OS X or Linux system really helps your productivity. Basically you just do the stuff you are supposed to do, without being distracted by a graphical interface showing you several options to choose from, at each click or navigation step. That's the point of using Command-Line Interface tools.

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Using Github Pages with Jekyll

For this article, I am assuming you already have Jekyll installed, with a project set up on your local machine to generate your static site's HTML files under your build directory of choice.

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Why not simplify?

I work on projects using Plone, and I love working with its framework. I just worked an hour for my current project, and once again I enjoyed the fact that I can write stuff in a clean way. I can expose logic or behavior where and how I want it, using interfaces and components mechanisms provided by Zope libraries under the hood. It's got even better now that we have an elegant API.

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Simplicity, consistency, and getting out of the way

There are many new methods for deploying web applications in a predictable way, fast, and while having fun. You might forget about system administration, database administion tasks, security updates, etc, if you get used to this.

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Need help for your project?

Our team can contribute to your project, working on a specific task, or doing all the coding based on your specifications, using Python, a web framework such as Django or a CMS.