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Content Gardening Studio is a Python experts team.
We dedicate our time to helping Entrepreneurs and Startups on projects that require Python programming, including:

  • Building and deploying custom Content Management systems and webapps,
  • Writing automation scripts and CLI tools involving APIs,
  • Improving existing code.

We have been delivering similar tasks and projects, remotely, for more than 3 years, and getting 5-star reviews from entrepreneurs who tested us.

Pick one of the following collaboration and support options to hire us.

Ongoing Python Consulting

A subscription-based consulting service dedicated to your project.
An expert from the Content Gardening Studio team helps you via Email, Slack, regular video chats, and platforms such as Github or GitLab.

We help you build solutions that leverage Python and Web Frameworks, and deal with APIs and Data.

We analyze your needs, do the necessary research to help define the best approach and implementation, and we can mentor your developers during the implementation phase. Based on your request, we start immediately to tackle any question, task or project you have on the table.

Ongoing Python Consulting
$500 Monthly, 7-Day Free Trial

Python Codebase Improvement

Get help to improve your codebase.
Based on your goals and the current state of your codebase, we will closely work with you on the improvements, using code review, bug squashing techniques and our proven Python code quality process.

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Need help for your project?

Our team can contribute to your project, working on a specific task, or doing all the coding based on your specifications, using Python, a web framework such as Django or a CMS.